Ph.D. Candidate International Relations and Strategic Studies, Panteion University,
Athens, Greece

M.A. International Relations and Strategic Studies, Panteion University, 2011,
Athens, Greece

My thesis combined insights from three formal models to provide the micro-foundations of the terrorist event underreporting bias hypothesis, i.e. the idea that authoritarian states censor the publication of information concerning terrorist attacks thus biasing international databases which use open sources. Awarded with Honors.

M.A. Security Studies, Georgetown University, 2008,
Washington, D.C., United States

My research seminar paper conducted an empirical test of the predictions concerning military doctrine and force structure of three major theoretical frameworks of international strategy, using a longitudinal study of Byzantine military organization.

B.A. (Ptychion) International and European Studies, University of Macedonia, 2005, Thessaloniki, Greece